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Will Not Be Meeting Until February.

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Inspired by 100 Women Who Care Annapolis, and other "100" chapters around the country, we established  “Power of 100 – Chesapeake Women Who Care” in November 2018. 


Our mission is simple. We've set out to bring together 100 or more like-minded women from the Eastern Shore of Maryland who care about local causes, and are committed to making an impact in our communities. We gather twice a year. At each event, our members donate $100 each to a local charity/group/family that the group collectively selects. This combined donation has proven to make a measurable impact on those who have been fortunate enough to have been selected by other "100" chapters. 

Join our Eastern Shore chapter today and be a part of a growing community of women who have committed to making a difference in the lives and well being of others. 

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There are currently over 650 - 100 Who Care Alliance Chapters across the United States and a dozen chapters scattered in other countries. Each chapter is volunteer driven and built on the same foundation of impacting their communities for good. Collectively, we are changing communities and lives around the world. Join us in making a difference.

A $10,000 donation has helped Haley reach her goal of shipping clothing to over 365 families (over 8,500 items!) this year and shipping to every state! 

Haley's Helping Hands of Maryland
$10,000 Recipient Annapolis Chapter

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Please support our Sponsors. Visit their websites linked below or

our sponsor page for a brief description of their businesses. 

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