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100+ Women Joining Hands to Make our Community a Better Place
Option One -  Pay by Check

At Power of 100, we are happy to accept your checks made out to the charity that has been chosen to receive our donations. Simply leave your check with us at the event or mail it to 658 Del Rhodes Avenue, Queenstown MD 21658  within 10 days of the event. Be sure to include your name with payment if mailing. The donations will then be delivered to the winning organization, who will be responsible for getting you a receipt and tax letter. 

Option Two -  Pay by Credit Card

If you would like to pay by credit card or ACH, we will email you an invoice to do so and it must be paid within 10 days of the event. Credit card payments will be processed by the Shore Update. You will receive your tax receipt from the winning organization for the $100 donation (the Shore Update will incur credit card fees). Please contact Cheri Hoffman with questions at or 443-262-1143.

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